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Frontend Developer - Smart TV applications

Aktualizováno: 11. 04. 2018


Our client is a fast growing company in the field of tv services, smartTV application, streaming based on AI and much more.

You will build a lot of cool stuff in Frontend team. Website is a full-blown JavaScript app living in the browser and talking to backends using REST APIs, currently updating to use the latest technologies such as React.js for components, Redux for application store, GraphQL to ease using our APIs, Immutable.js, JSS, … Webpack builds it all and Jenkins delivers to the cluster to be served to users all over the world.

You´ll bring the SmartTV application in-house to reuse and share most of the website components and to take the lean-back experience to the next level.
Daily challenges include making code shareable across platforms, developing apps for devices with low computing power (SmartTV, Chromecast), creating APIs to handle differences not just between browsers, but also TV vendors (Samsung, LG, Hisense), delivering the service over slow (1-4 Mbit) and unreliable connections (wired and mobile) and automating our workflows as much as possible.

What we need

• 2+ years experience in developing Javascript apps
• Experience with React or some MVC framework (Angular.js/Backbone/Ember.js/…)
• Good knowledge of web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) and browser differences
• Experience with Git
• Very good communication skills
• Mastered the English language well enough to be able to talk/write daily

What we offer

• The engineering team has a great position within the company.
• A young company. You’ll be joining the team in the beginning stages when you’re still able to grasp the whole codebase.
• Use the latest technologies.
• Complete infrastructure for testing and development.
• The bureaucratic overhead is close to zero.
• Plus all the stuff like an ergonomic workplace, hardware of your choice, a budget for conferences, books, friendly atmosphere, knowledge sharing…
• Flexible working hours and work from home 2 days per week.
• 5 weeks of vacation.
• Meal vouchers.

R4U s.r.o.
Štěpán Záhorský
Telefon: 733 737 266

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